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Nantucket Scholars

The Nantucket Scholar Program is now in its 18th year.   The program requires a six-month long review process.  This year’s process began with an informational assembly in November at the high school.  Seniors and their parents are invited to a presentation and information sheets are available along with an opportunity to ask questions. This year, the application will be online and includes one written essay, sections for extra-curricular activities, community service and academic honors, one confidential teacher recommendation and an employer recommendation and are due in January 2024. 

There is a five member review committee -  Tom Bresette - Chief Operating Officer at NGC and the Executive Director of the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation, Al Cunha - Owner & Operator of Le Languedoc Restaurant, Michael Cozort - former Superintendent Nantucket Public Schools, Grace Hull - Director of Member Services of Nantucket Golf Club, and Amy Lee - President & CEO of Nantucket Cottage Hospital. 

Each applicant has varied and unique qualities. The Nantucket Scholar can be anyone with the determination and drive to succeed academically, be socially conscientious and a leader among their peers.

  1. 2022 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Sarah Hanlon, Middlebury College
    • Maryann Vasquez-Cruz, Duke Kushnan University
  2. 2021 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • JohnCarl McGrady, Williams College
    • Cameron Strojny, Fairfield University
  3. 2020 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Brianna Leveille, University of California, Riverside
    • Phaedra Plank, Wellesley College
  4. 2019 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Jenna Genthner, Bates College
    • Jennifer Lamb, Northeastern University
  5. 2018 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Carter Snell, University of Vermont
    • Deana Wetherly, Wellesley College
  6. 2017 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Evan Borzilleri, University of California, Berkeley
    • Sophie Kuhl, Brown University
  7. 2016 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Frances Steadman, Villanova University
    • Claire MacKay, Bates College 
  8. 2015 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Mia Silverio, Georgetown University
    • Lisa Genthner, Dartmouth College 
  9. 2014 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Isabella Day, Georgetown University
    • James Roggeveen, M.I.T.
  10. 2013 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Wisima Nipatnantaporn, Emerson College
    • Joseph Zieff, Middlebury College
  11. 2012 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Eve Manghis, Harvard University
    • Cody Perry, Boston College
  12. 2011 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Ashleigh Inglis, Harvard University
    • Will Horyn, Villanova University
  13. 2010 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Ashley Clinger, Sacred Heart University
    • Caroline Stanton, Vassar College
  14. 2009 Nantucket Scholars:

    • River Bennett, University of Virginia
    • Samantha Reis, Richmond University
  15. 2008 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Anita Elahi, George Washington University
    • Tomas Smaliorius, Bucknell University
  16. 2007 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Anna Burnham, DePaul University
    • Samantha Pillion, Wellesley College
  17. 2006 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Kelsey Fredericks, Connecticut College
    • Rachel Schneider, Sarah Lawrence College