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Nantucket Professional Workforce Scholarship

The Nantucket Professional Workforce Scholarship Program is now in its 6th year.   The Nantucket Professional Scholarship Program awards scholarships to seniors who have established a pattern of personal success in a vocational program while a student at Nantucket High School. These students are highly motivated individuals who strive for excellence in pursuing a professional career and work diligently toward the goal of attaining a superior education in the vocational field of choice.

There is a five member review committee -  Tom Bresette - Chief Operating Officer at NGC and the Executive Director of the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation, Al Cunha - Owner & Operator of Le Languedoc Restaurant, Michael Cozort - former Superintendent Nantucket Public Schools, Grace Hull - Director of Member Services of Nantucket Golf Club, and Amy Lee - President & CEO of Nantucket Cottage Hospital. 

Professional Scholarship Recipients by Year

  1. Jack Billings

    • Wentworth Institute of Technology (MA) (Construction Management)

  2. Edenilson Chacon

    • Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology (MA) (Practical Electricity)

  3. Samuel Cristler

    • ​​ University of Mississippi (Sports Administration)

  4. James Cronin

    • ​​Massachusetts College of Art (Illustration)

  5. Stella Glowacki

    • ​​Massachusetts College of Art (Illustration and Communication Design)

  6.  Hunter Gross

    • ​​ ECAM Lasalle (Lyon, France) (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)

  7. Maddux Hinson

    • ​​ Maine College of Art (Photography)

  8. Evan Keeler

    •  Johnson & Wales University (RI) (Culinary Arts)

  9. Colin Lynch

    • Wentworth Institute of Technology (MA) (Civil Engineering)

  10. Sara Marshall

    • ​​Clemson University (SC) (Nursing)

  11. Sean Murphy

    • ​​University of Miami (FL) (Sports Management)

  12. Olivia Scott

    •  Simmons University (MA) (Nursing-Pediatrics)

  13. Luke Stringer

    • ​​ Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Marine Transportation)

  14. Nathalia Tobar

    •  Cape Cod Community College (MA) (Nursing-Infusion Therapy)

  15. Gabriel Zinser

    •  Belmont University (TN) (Music Performance)

  1. Alejandro Chacon

    • ​​ New England Institute of Technology (RI) (Automotive Technology)

  2. Emma Davis

    • ​​ Sacred Heart University (CT) (Nursing-Labor and Delivery)

  3. Emily Dussault

    •  Merrimack College (MA) (Nursing-Pediatrics)

  4. Kimla Francis

    • ​​Fitchburg State University (first in family to attend college) (Nursing-Labor & Delivery)

  5. Shane Hanlon

    •  Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology (MA) (Practical Electricity and Construction Management)

  6. Finnbarr Kelly

    •  California Polytechnic State University (Construction Management)

  7. Maudjeani Pelissier

    •  University of New Haven (CT) (Music and Sound Recording)

  8. Jacob Santikulanont

    • ​​Culinary Institute of America (NY) (Culinary Science)

  9. Zachary Wallingford

    • ​​Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Marine Engineering)

  10. Justin Zadroga

    • ​​Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Marine Engineering)

  1. Anah Booms

    • ​Massachusetts College Art and Design (Fashion Design)
  2. Tadhg Cawley

    • ​​Johnson & Wales University (Culinary Arts)
  3. Isabelle Cutone

    •  University of New Hampshire (Occupational Therapy)
  4. Charles Hickman

    • ​​Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Marine Engineering)
  5. Samuel Hofford

    •  Belmont University (Filmmaking)
  6. Matthew McFarlane

    •  Massachusetts Maritime Academy (Marine Engineering)
  7. Nazir Thompson

    • ​​ New York University (Photography)
  8. Oscar Waldman

    • ​​ Massachusetts College of Art & Design (Animation)
  1. Charlie Clarke 

    • Wentworth Institute of Technology (Architecture)

  2. Alexander Corkish

    •  New England Institute of Technology (Business Management)

  3.  Carmon Diadoti

    •  New England Institute of Technology (Plumbing)

  4. Jackson Milne

    • ​​ Wentworth Institute of Technology (Architecture)

  1. Gideon Holdgate

    • ​​ Mass College of Art & Design/North Bennet Street School (Furniture Design & Ceramics)

  2. Michael Bartley

    • ​​ Johnson and Wales University (Culinary Arts)

  3. Malkia Blake

    • ​​ Culinary Institute of America (Culinary Arts)

  1. Blaise Flegg

    • New England Institute of Technology (Welding)

  2. Brianna Falconer

    • ​​ Johnson and Wales University (Culinary Arts)